Disney On Broadway

Promotional Partner:

Profile: Disney On Broadway
Goal was to create a sweepstakes to launch DISNEYONBROADWAY.COM that would be so exciting and unique that the promotion would gather press hits from across the nation. Agency created a sweepstakes where the Grand Prize winner and family membres would fly to NYC to see the shows, and then fly to Cairo to go on a private tour of the pyramids (to celebrate AIDA), fly to Kenya to go on a private African safari (to celebrate THE LION KING), and then fly to Paris where they would go on a private tour of the Louvre (to celebrate BEAUTY AND THE BEAST). Agency negotiated promotional partners (United Touring Company, America West Airlines, etc) who each donated product (travel, hotel, ground transportation and tours) in exchange for logo placement. End result was that the entire trip was awarded at NO COST to the client.

Exposure included:

A)  PRINT - Press hits from across the nation, and ads in USA Today
B)  RADIO - On-Air radio DJ's throguhout the country mentioned the wildness of the promotion
C)  WEB - Client featured on partner's website, and receive mention on a large number o ftheatre and famliy news sites and user groups

Client sought to create buzz and press mentions to support the launch of DISNEYONBROADWAY.COM, a unified website where consumers could purchase tickets for all Disney theatrical entertainments, thus providing as much cross over sales from the same consumer.  Client had zero cash to brand the launch of this site.

Agency oversaw all aspects of the promotion including negotiation of partnership, creative, administrative and media.

Client received millions of impressiosn and hundreds of thousands of entries from their targeted market during the length of the promotion. Partnership perfectly matched the client's strategic campaign and supported their goal of educating the family theatre-going  public of this new sales tool.


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